Comic Book Prices: How much is too much?

This article was written a few years ago but it is still relevant today!
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Quote by Joseph Tainter

"Every society that collapsed thought it couldn't happen to them. The Roman Empire, Mayan Civilization and Byzantine Empire thought it couldn't happen to them, but it did, and it usually creeps up on you unforeseen."
- Joseph Tainter

Self Doubt

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 Secrets To Success

From Body Builder to Movie Star to Governor, he definitely has credentials to back these statements.

The Dark Knight Returns Animated Movie!

Sooo DC has announced that Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" animated movie will be released later this year (2012) to add to their continuing and classic thread of animation DVDs.
Definitely looking forward to this one!

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Interview With Incredible World of Latin Hip Hop

Here is an interview I did with Incredible World of Latin Hip Hop on April 26, 2012
We definitely covered some ground.

Quote by 50 Cent

"In the music industry, who you know will get you put on, and what you know will determine how long you stay once you get there."
- 50 Cent